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Our services

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Mechanical Engineering (HAVC)
  • Completed Projects
  • Maintenance
We offer solutions for your environment
By providing turnkey solutions from planning to maintenance, we create and build the most optimized environment for customers.

Electrical Engineering


Within our electrical engineering services, we plan, design and build industrial and commercial facilities for power generation, transmission, distribution, backup and conservation. We can work with conventional or renewable power sources like wind and solar, as well a wide rage of lighting, sensing and monitoring demands requiring electric lamps, LEDs, motion detectors, etc.

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Control and Instrumentation


With our control and instrumentation services, we always pursue better efficiency and productivity for our customers. We are equipped and staffed to plan systems, develop and program software, and design and fabricate control panels that deliver the factory automation, energy consumption management, and AC control and flow that customers need to run their operations smoothly and comfortably.

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HVAC, Water Supply and Drainage, and Sanitation


We offer a wide range of HVAC, water supply and drainage, and sanitation services to meet the needs of industries of all kind and nature. This includes articulate climate and pollution control, water heating and cooling, and sanitary facilities.

Clean room


We use an airflow analysis system that we internally developed and patented to analyze temperature, humidity, gas volume, wind direction, room pressure, clean factor and more. And, we can help customers improve their work environments and conserve energy.

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Completed Projects

We have completed various types of projects in both industrial and non-industrial sectors in Japan and overseas, including factories, plants, and office and residential buildings.

Industrial projects related to
Packaging and containers, canning, foods, industrial gases, chemicals, medical and pharmaceutical, steel and metal, electronics, machinery, paper, glass and logistics
Non-industrial projects related to
Schools, hospitals, police stations, residential buildings, pubic roads, waste incineration plants, tunnels and airport
  • Electrical and Instrumentation work for air separation units
  • Electrical and AC work for steel mill
  • Electrical and AC work for incineration plant
  • Electrical and AC work for governmental office building in Osaka
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Our job is to make sure your facilities can and will run properly as planned. We offer various services to keep your work place well maintained.

Electrical maintenance

Inspections after power interruption, periodic (annual) inspections, pressure testing, etc.

Pressure test
Applying greater voltage to insulating material than usual, we test the condition.
Power receiving and transforming facilities /
Power interruption inspection
Powe receiving and transforming facility is the equipment to transmit electricity to factory and hospital. We test the facility by stopping transmission once a year.
Power receiving and transforming facilities /
Hot-line inspection
The test carried out in electricity transmission.
For example, we search abnormal heating point using thermography.

Mechanical maintenance

Compressor and AC inspections, cleaning of piping and exhaust systems, oil changes, replacement of worn materials, etc.

Annual inspection of compressor
Replacement Filter, Inspection and cleaning cooler, Cleaning and maintenace pipe, Replacement lubricant
Overhaul compressor
Replacement compressor body, Replacement motor bearings, Replacement and maitenance oil pump
Main manufacturers


Inspection compressor

We inspect and maintenance machinery supplying cooling water and compressed air regularly to make manufacturing facility function properly.
Compressor, pump and others

Inspection air conditioning

We inspect and maintenance air conditioning facility regularly to make envieonment in office and factory keep peoperly.
Air conditioning, fan and chiller

Fire prevention facilities inspection

Legal inspection
  • Inspection fire prevention facility (once a half year) Overall inspection(Once a year)
  • Report to fire department (opptional service)
  • Automatic fir alarm, fire hydrant, extinguisher, emergency exit light, halon and others
Main manufacturers


Inspection compressor

Fire prevention facilities is the equipment to detect firebreaking, sound a alarm and put out a fire automatically.
Licensed person inspect and maintenance regularly.
Automatic fire alarm, fire hydrant, emergency exit light and others

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